Hi! I’m Kirsi-Maj, a sewing-artist. For the last three years, I have been giving a second chance to old clothing and saving favorite pieces of clothing from being thrown away by creating unique pieces with fantasy, creativity, imagination and passion. When assigned to me, your clothing will get an individual look, just like you. There will be no other one alike! It will be one of a kind!

Kirsi-Maj Plunser, Nähkünstlerin



My comfort oasis for being creative and fulfilling my ideas! Over the past years, I have gathered a big amount of old and new pieces of clothing, which I either recygne to new ones or use as „ingredients“ for new designs. I save all types of fabrics, even the tiniest ones, because you never know when you could need them.

New fabrics to spice things up, laces to decorate, buttons and much more. Many beautiful memories and knowledge, that I learned from my grandmom, she sewed her whole life. In my workshop, you can also find beautiful pictures that decorate the walls and help my creativity.

All Recygns, clothing and accessories are created here. From the initial idea to the finished designs.


How does it work?

I’m sure you have old clothing you don’t wear anymore, they just take space in your wardrobe but are too pretty to be thrown away. Am I right?

Well then:

STEP 1 – COLLECTING… old t-shirts, dresses, vests, jeans, pullovers, blouses …

Put all the clothing you don’t wear anymore in a bag. Believe it or not, you can use every one of them for something and the more choices we have the more possibilities there are.

That is my favorite jacket but it is totally torn on the shoulders because of carrying a back bag. I can’t find a jacket like that anywhere, a jacket that would fit as good as the old one!”

Your favorite has a fleck – no problem! Your washing machine ate a hole into your shirt or the sleeves look like you have worn the shirt too many times – no problem just give it to me!


Send me an Email or give me a call! 
At, 0650-3756482

HELP! My wardrobe is exploding but there is nothing I can wear!!! Could you please create something from my old clothing for me? I live in Vienna, when could we meet? Best, Ms. Zickzack”

So, we set an appointment where you can give me your old stuff and we can talk about what you want. (colors, style, tighter or rather wider…) It would be important to meet where you have the possibility to change, so I can see how the clothing looks on you. After that it is my job to create the perfect unique recygn for you. Then we meet again and you get to try on your new upcycled model and we are done!


Your individual, only for you designed Upcycling Model is ready!

Get dressed and enjoy!

I wish you a lot of fun with your new Recygns and would be delighted to see you again! If you like your upcycling design, please tell your friends about it to too!


No problem, just send me an Email or call me, I’m better at talking since I can explain easier! 🙂

I’m looking forward to meeting you and recygning your clothes!